Studio policies

Tuition Payment

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The following is a list of policies, which apply to all of the members of SCS classes. When you enroll at Stage Craft Studio, you must agree to follow these policies.


SCS is based on a “pay-as-you-go” policy. Payment is due at each session. Your payment reserves your place in class. We encourage everyone to pay on a monthly basis whenever possible. Should you fall behind in payment for more than two (2) weeks, please make arrangements with the individual instructors. Preferred method of payment is by cash or check made payable to “Stage Craft Studio” and given to your instructor. You are also welcome to pay for your classes through PayPal below. There is a small service fee for this payment option. 

A $20.00 processing fee will be charged for any RETURNED checks and a $20.00 fee will be charged for any STOP PAYMENT placed on checks. There are no refunds for missed classes or dropped classes. In some cases, credit may be issued.

Questions Regarding Class

You should feel free to talk to your individual instructors with any questions regarding class. For business related issues, please contact us here.


The Studio allows auditing. You only have to contact us to set up a time to audit. Depending on the work being done in class sometimes auditing is not allowed in a particular class.


Late arrival and early departure from class is not encouraged. Leaving class without notifying your instructor can be very disruptive for your fellow students. However, we recognize students’ busy schedules. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please make arrangements with your instructor ahead of class.


If you must be late, leave early, or miss a class, please notify the instructor as soon as possible. If the notice is less than 24 hours, please call the individual instructor before the beginning of class. Each student is allowed one no-show, after that, any unnotified absences will be charged for the class. This payment insures your space in class, as enrollment is limited to 10 students for the ongoing classes. If you need to take a leave of absence for any reason, you have two options: 1) you may pay to reserve your space in the class; or, 2) you may drop out of the class and go to the top of the waiting list once you want to return to class.


Eating, snacking, drinking, in class is not allowed. The exception to this is water. Please consume before, after or during the breaks outside of the studio. We also ask that attention be paid to placing any and all garbage in the correct receptacles.

Cell Phones/Electronics

All cellular phones must be put on silent upon arrival to class. We encourage everyone to get in the habit of turning off all electronic devices upon your entrance into the studio. We all know how disruptive it is to the creative process to have phones ringing through class work. Due to the personal nature of our class work, we have a “no-recording” policy unless approved by participants/students.

School and National Holidays Studio Policy

SCS operates in accordance with local school calendars with regards to holidays. If there is no school, there is no class at the studio unless otherwise prearranged.

To view the school calendar, click here.